Frequently Asked Questions

What is creative workspace? Why do I need a membership to one?

Creative workspace can be defined as sharing work space with other individuals within or outside of your industry. There are private offices, common areas, and conference rooms. You need this space because creative workspace environments motivate individuals to come together,  connect, collaborate, and get tons of work done and have a little FUN! 

Wait, but the website says "social kollective". What is a social kollective?

 Well, I was being creative when I spelled it with a "K", but a collective is a group of like-minded individuals that come together to support each other through collaboration and relationship building. At The KL, we will try our best to focus on providing holistic support for all. 

How does the membership process work?

The membership process is pretty simple. You choose a membership level and join right here on the membership page

There's three membership options:

Fun (social) $30

Functional (business) $100

Glam (business plus) $185

No Contracts! No Hidden Fees!

What are the amenities? What's included in my membership?

This is the question we all want answered. 

So, here goes:

  • entrance into the facility
  • use of any common area or private office (depending on your membership)
  • use of conference room space
  • the use of printers, copiers, die cutting machines, and more (restrictions do apply)
  • FREE coffee & daily treats
  • use of custom fonts & other software
  • high speed and secure WIFI
  • comfy chairs and other furniture to make your time here enjoyable
  • a networking directory of members you may want to connect with who can provide services you need
  • access to monthly business workshops
  • access to some of the most amazing women entrepreneurs and business professionals in the city

I'm a business owner/professional and I will need privacy. How will privacy issues be addressed?

I will always diligently work to protect your intellectual property and the confidentiality of your business information. 

In order to do this, The KL will provide:

-secure internet services

-private and quiet space for phone calls & client meetings

- a Creative Professionals Agreement that all members will sign and adhere to

What if The KL is not for me? How do I cancel my membership?

I don't ever want to think of you canceling your membership, but if you need to, here's the process:

1. Send us an email at to cancel. 

2. Receive your cancellation email and bring it in to the front desk. 

3. The KL manager on duty will sign your termination confirmation and you're all done.