Frequently Asked Questions

What is a creative gathering spot? Why do I need a membership to one?

A gathering spot is much like the French salons of yore. It can be defined as a space where people come to read, write, study, chat, have interesting conversations, and evolve. This the space to meet new people & learn new things. 

Wait, but the website says "social kollective". What is a social kollective?

 Well, I was being creative when I spelled it with a "K", but a collective is a group of like-minded individuals that come together to support each other through collaboration and relationship building. At The KL, we will try our best to focus on providing a safe space for all. 

How does the membership process work?

The membership process is pretty simple. You choose a membership level and join right here on the membership page

There's three membership options:

Individual (social) $30

Community (business) $100

No Contracts! No Hidden Fees!

What are the amenities? What's included in my membership?

This is the question we all want answered. 

So, here goes:

  • entrance into the facility
  • use of reading & quiet lounge
  • use of meditation room
  • the use of printers and other tools (restrictions do apply)
  • FREE coffee & daily treats
  • high speed and secure WIFI
  • comfy chairs and other furniture to make your time here enjoyable
  • a networking directory of members you may want to connect with 
  • access KL talks and other events
  • access to some of the most amazing people in the city 

I might need privacy. How will privacy issues be addressed?

I will always diligently work to protect your intellectual property and make this a safe space. 

In order to do this, The KL will provide:

-secure internet services

-private and quiet space for phone calls 

- a Creatives Safe Space Agreement that all members will sign and adhere to

What if The KL is not for me? How do I cancel my membership?

I don't ever want to think of you canceling your membership, but if you need to, here's the process:

1. Send us an email at to cancel. 

2. Receive your cancellation email and you're all done.